Kuni Kessau was a shugenja of the Crab Clan.

Museum Edit

Kessau was appointed as the curator of the Imperial Museum of Antiquities at Otosan Uchi. It was filled with a vast number of historical oddities, but it was famous by the highly realistic statues of creatures. Due to a serious breathing ailment Kessau was confined to a wheelchair. The museum began to be seen as a dobutsukan, a menagerie, but he was too weak to fight against the derision. [1]

Researching Edit

Kessau knew he was slowly dying and his replacement would be his assistant Ikoma Megami. While alive he would spend his time researching the studies of Kuni Hazu, the founder of the museum. He knew the "statues" were instead petrified living animals, trapped within their own hardened shells by a magic ritual lost after Hazu's death long time ago. In 1123 the ritual was fading and the creatures will be released after it ended, but Kessau did not know how to slow or stop the spell's decay. Kessau knew the museum was doomed if he failed on his research or the authorities were warned. [2]

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