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Kuni Kaiden 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1109 
Children: Kuni Yori,
un-named son 
Titles: Kuni Daimyo

Kuni Kaiden believed to have died accidentally while preparing for a ritual with his eldest son. His son died as well, leaving leaving his younger son, Kuni Yori, to become the next Kuni Daimyo. [1]

The truth was that Kaiden had secretly betrayed the Crab Clan and became the leader of a cell of Bloodspeakers. He had been seduced by Yajinden, who had given Kaiden one of the Four Masks of Iuchiban, and told him the four masks together would free Iuchiban, an event that Yajinden did not seek. Kaiden betrayed the smither, enacting a ritual to find the other three Masks and free Iuchiban, but he activated a curse laid by Yajinden on the mask which brought his own downfall. His two sons defeated and killed him in the winter of 1109. His eldest son died in the process, but Yori survived. [2]

Preceded by:
Kuni Daimyo
? - 1109
Succeeded by:
Kuni Yori


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