Kuni Junji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Monkey [1]

Kuni Junji was a Crab Clan Witch Hunter shugenja.

Appearance Edit

Junji would wear dark blue robes and keep his hair in a shaggy black mop. His face was painted in blue and black, made up to resemble the face of a scowling demon. A jade seal hung from around his neck, carved with a pair of crossed crab claws and an open eye. A short tetsubo was often strapped across his back. [2] He had a student, Kuni Hiroji. [3]

Shadowed Tower Edit

It was Junji who investigated Bayushi Ogura, the son of the Imperial Chancellor Bayushi Kaukatsu, for suspected involvement in maho practices. [2]

King of the Trolls Edit

In 1159 Oguro revealed to Junji a zokujin spell that would separate the King of the Trolls' spirit from its body, casting it into a deep slumber. In the Seikitsu Mountains Junji successfully cast the spell, but without the knowledge that the zokujin magic would burn out the inner spirit of the caster. Junji died and Ogura destroyed all the evidence that had been gathered by the Witch Hunter. [2]


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