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Kuni Itsuko was a shugenja of the Crab Clan, the daughter of a man with a Scorpion blood. [1]

Falling Out Edit

Itsuko had a falling out of some sort with Kuni Renyu, the Kuni Daimyo, and she tried to get back in his good graces. [1]

Winter Court - 1197 Edit

In 1197 she attended winter court at Shiro Ide, the first time the Spider Clan hosted such event. Itsuko had been both extremely busy and extremely popular the entire first day. The Spider were having difficulty laying claim to the lands in the Colonies that were theirs by right: territorial claims contested, obfuscated reports, paperwork gone missing, all there were caused by the stinging tricks of the Scorpion Clan. Itsuko proposed to Susumu Toshiyuki their support with Imperial Bureaucracy in return the Crab needed everything they could pull from the Colonies to rebuild their Clan in Rokugan. [1]

Colonies Edit

Itsuko moved to the Colonies, where also her lord Renyu was. Itsuko was considered the Darling of the Court during the colonial winter court in 1198. Gossip about her was everywhere, after the Kuni Daimyo, who was married, spent much time in her company. [2] After the Siege of the Second City Renyu was appointed as interim Imperial Governor of the Colonies, with Itsuko as his karo, [3] becoming part of the Ivory Court, where Rokugani samurai exposed their conflicts and requested justice. [4] When the Empress' second son, Iweko Shibatsu, took the post of governor for himself, appointed Itsuko as his advisor. [3] Eventually Renyu was confirmed by the Empress herself as interim governor. [5]

Suikihime's Return Edit

In 1199 the threat of P'an Ku had gone, and Suikihime had been restored as Governor. Itsuko became the Crab representative in the Ivory Court in the absence of Renyu. Suikihime ordered the Crab to relinquish to the Dragon any activities against the Fudo cult. Togashi Noboru began to use the Spider in this task. [6]


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