Please note: This article is about the brother of Kuni Osaku. For other uses of the term, please see Hohiro (disambiguation).
Kuni Hohiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Kuni Osaku

Kuni Hohiro was the younger brother of Kuni Osaku, and he watched over his sister for the 73 days she held the army of The Maw at bay during the Battle of the Cresting Wave. [1]

Jade Hand Edit

Legend said that just prior to the Battle of the Cresting Wave - during the building of the Kaiu Wall - Hohiro went to pray. Feeling powerless to help stop the hordes of Oni lead by The Maw awaiting the Crab, Hohiro pleaded and begged the Fortune Osano-Wo for help. Seeing that Hohiro was weak and asking for help, the Thunder God ignored the boys pleas. Hohiro returned day after day, making offerings, and praying with all his heart. Still Osano-Wo did nothing, but watched. Then, after many days, Hohiro left the shrine convinced the god would never help him. Hohiro cursed Osano-Wo's name and said he would find a way to stop the Shadowlands himself. Impressed with the boy's new-found confidence and anger, Osano-Wo created the Jade Hand and gave it to Hohiro. [2]


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