Kuni Hazu was a Witch Hunter of the Crab Clan.

Museum Edit

Hazu traveled across the world, and during his journeys learned how to preserve the life essence of a living being, trapped within its own hardened shell. He appeared in the Imperial City with a petrified humanoid creature that appeared so real that fascinated Hantei XVIII. Hazu was funded to create the Imperial Museum of Antiquities and commissioned him to craft more of what the Emperor believed were "statues". [1]

Death Edit

Hazu traveled the Empire and beyond, capturing more species for the museum. His body was found shredded at the edge of the Shinomen Forest, and it was generally assumed he met some foul creature during his personal quest. [1]

Legacy Edit

His knowledge was forgotten until 1123, when Kuni Kessau studied his techniques. [1]


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