Kuni Hakirei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 716

Kuni Hakirei was a Kuni Shugenja of the Crab Clan who reincarnated in a jikiniki, a corpse-eating goblin, for the sins he performed prior to his death.

Ranpo Temple Edit

Hakirei was the apprentice of Kuni Gokuren, head priest of the Ranpo Temple to Bishamon, located in the ancestral lands of the Kuni. [1]

The Maw's Attack Edit

In 716 The Maw's army assaulted the Crab, and Hakirei returned back to the temple. A minor oni was there, and Hakirei bargained his life for slavery to its will. The shugenja brought the oni victims to feed its hungry, dishonoring his soul. The second day the victim was blessed by Bishamon and the oni could not prey on him. After a week the monster turned on Hakirei. [1]

After Death Edit

Hakirei's soul reincarnated in a jikiniki, a corpse-eating goblin, to forever haunt the grounds where he sinned. [1]


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