Kuni Crystal Masters, also known as Kuni Crystal-Binders, was a school of the Kuni devoted to study crystal and its properties. Kuni Shugenja learned how to use crystal to improve the focus and power of their magic. [1] They were the creators of the Sapphire Strike spell. [2]

Creation Edit

The Crystal Masters were in high demand because of their ability to damage Shadowlands creatures who were immune even to jade. A young Kuni Utagu was the first Crystal Master, after he spent several months studying with the Crooked Tail Tribe, a xenophobic group of nezumi, haunted by bitter experience with the power of the Lying Darkness. The tribe lived near a large crystal outcropping, and Utagu was able to learn a few of their secrets. He was able to adapt a few of the nezumi practices to the traditional Rokugani form of magic. [3]

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