Kuni Crystal
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Kuni Utagu
Currently in the possession of: Kuni family

Kuni Crystal appeared during the first third of the 12th century. It was crystal enhanced through a Kuni ritual devised by Kuni Utagu, [1] the Crystal's Awakening spell. [2]

Origin Edit

The ritual to create more Kuni crystal required Kuni crystal to perform. The first known Kuni crystal came from Kuni Utagu, though none knew if he discovered it, created it, or acquired it through other means. Some said that Utagu acquired the seed crystal from a gaijin that was familiar with the Shadowlands. Other said it was a gift from his former sensei upon his ascension to the Jade Championship. The most popular was that Kuni crystals were the tears of Lord Sun, Yakamo himself. [1]

Abilities Edit

Kuni crystal glew when near a Shadowlands creature, and allowed its bearer to resist the taint almost like jade without corroding away, though it was not as effective. Kuni crystal was especially useful in Crystal Magic, a new field developed by the Kuni in the 12th century. [2] Kuni Crystals were extremely durable, as strong as steel, and thus high invulnerable to damage. [3]

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