Kuni Wastelands

Kuni Wastelands

The Kuni Wastes (QQQ) was the inhospitable region West of the Kaiu Wall. Once it was green and healthy Crab countryside, but the darkness encroached upon it many years ago. [1]

Destroyed by the Maw Edit

The Kuni Wastes were once grassy and green until the army of The Maw destroyed everything in its path in 716. The Kuni had been hit particularly hard, their school fell to the oni and every village and town was lost, [2] including the ancestral palace Kyuden Kuni. [3]

Retaking Kuni Lands Edit

Poorly Placed Gardens

Kuni garden in the Wastelands

In 717 the Kuni began reclaiming its ancestral lands. [4] Retaking the Kuni Wastes in the years following the assault by The Maw wasn't easy. The Kuni launched into a ruthless campaign to retake their lands. The trees, plants and soil had been warped beyond recognition. Reclaiming it involved destroying the lands spirituality completely, then rebuilding from nothing. Using the Feng Shui and other arts the Shadowlands Taint was pushed back, but it left the land to wither and die, and nothing was able to restore the elements to their earlier harmony. The lands became a blasted waste of rock and sand, everything scorched and flattened. The plains stretched out, blowing sand and cracked mud as far as the eye sees. Most of the trees were long gone, only a couple of huge dead ones remained. [5] [6] Their best efforts only were rewarded with small gardens. [7]

Kuni Shugenja Edit

Kuni Wastes

Kuni Wastes (QQQ)

This caused the Kuni to have a weakened elemental harmony, but by using spiritual ley lines connecting each shugenja's dwelling to others nearby they were able to continue their research and cast spells as other shugenja of Rokugan. The Kuni had been scattered far and wide, occupying ruins and rebuilding new dwellings. They would tolerate travellers in their lands as long as they were left alone to their studies. There were rumours that the Kuni experiment on captured oni, the occasional unnatural screams echoing across the wastes made the rumors more credible. [8] [9]

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