Kumo Gaki 
Kumo Gaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Suzume Sakyo

The Kumo Gaki was a kumo, member of a race of ghostly spiders. This one was special, it was also a gaki. It lived in the Shadowlands and used an immaterial and ghostly giant web to catch its prey. [1]

Sharing a name Edit

The Kumo trapped a Crab bushi, Kaiu Shinya, and forced him to share his name. The spider began to become the Crab's mirrored image. With every day passed Shinya lose a bit of his own identity and memories, consumed by the gaki. When the kumo could pass as Shinya himself returned to the Crab lands, it left behind the bushi. [1]

Rokugan Edit

The gaki knew Shinya had escaped and told the Crab forces his story, but switching who was the kumo and who the bushi. So the real Shinya was pursued by magistrates for years. The spider ghost moved to Ryoko Owari Toshi, [1]

Weaponsmith Edit

Kaiu Shinya

Kumo Gaki as Kaiu Shinya

He became a renowned weaponsmith who used his supposed battle injury - no right leg below his knee, to gain respect from other citizens. He began to create elaborated leg replacements. In 1121 the Gaki even managed to be bethrotheed with a young woman of the Sparrow Clan, Suzume Sakyo, and they married in 1122 after a courtship of not even three months. [2] Some of its weapons were crafted tainted. [3]

Exposed Edit

The creature noticed the real Shinya was arriving the city to confront the Gaki. Its wife was pregnant and they began to prepare their departure. The spider spirit knew it was too weak from being in human form to kill Kaiu Shinya, so he would try to escape. [4] It was eventually found by its twin and both fought. A group of magistrates arrived, but they could not know who was the true one. [1] It was unclear if Shinya survived or the gaki.

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