Kumiko's Katars
Created by: Unkown
First used by: Yoritomo Kumiko
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Kumiko's Katarswere given to Yoritomo Kumiko by Yoritomo Singh shortly after his oath of fealty to the Mantis Clan. They were kept in Heaven's Bank Hold after Kumiko's death. [1]

Appearance and abilities Edit

Kumiko's Katars were gaijin punching daggers, covered in gold and jewels from the Ivory Kingdoms. The horizontal grip and long, triangular blade that extended above the knuckles were engraved with a combination of Rokugani kanji and symbols from the language of the Ivory Kingdoms. Any Mantis who held the katars gained the ability to fluently speak and understand Ruhmal. [1]


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