Clay Kshatriya

Clay Kshatriya

The Kshatriya were a holy warrior caste from the Ivory Kingdoms, roughly equivalent to Rokugan's samurai. They were divided in several Houses, each ruled by a Raja, who in turn served the Maharaja. [1]

Duty Edit

The Kshatriya had sworn they would protect the Kingdoms. [2] The Kshatriya would destroy a Rakshasa on sight, because they knew their wicked behaviour. [3]

Sainika martial art Edit

The Kshatriya practiced sainika, a martial art they learned from the gurus, who had been almost wiped out by the Rhumalists. The cultist trained their assassins with this art and became killing machines, while the Kshatriya honed more defensive techniques. [2] They favored the brigandine as armor, made of small plates of iron or steel quilted between layers of cloth. [4]

Aversion to Magic Edit

kshatriya held a deep and fearful respect of magic, believing it to be the domain of gods and demons rather than mortal men. Instead, they embraced the sciences and mathematics. Religious matters were left to the brahmin caste. [5]

Mantis Clan Edit

In 1166 several Kshatriya arrived to the Islands of Spice and Silk and joined Rama Singh. [6]

Known Kshatriya Edit

Known Techniques Edit

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