Born: Unknown 
Died: Trapped in Yume-do in 1169

Kr'chan was a nezumi scout of the Tattered Ear Tribe.

The Wanderer Edit

In 1168 Kr'chan was in the Twilight Mountains when he saw a wandered entering the Shadowlands. A rice ball threw by the human was taken by the nezumi to eat it, but he recognized the scent of the human on it. Kr'chan run for more than two days without pausing to come back to his warren in the Shinomen Mori. There he told his chieftain Manithith he knew the scent from when went to see humans with Zin'tch. Manithith, quickly sent word to Toshi Ranbo, to report Zin'tch that the human Chief of Chiefs, Toturi III, had entered the Shadowlands alone. [1]

Keeping his Legacy behind Edit

The nezumi were aware that they had to face Tomorrow, but they wished to let his legacy behind. In 1169 they took their Memory sticks which chronicled all their history, and came near the Shadowlands. Nem'tek lured a goblin into hole which led into a tomb, caught him with a net and hit on the head with a heavy club. Achirin performed a powerful ritual that gave the goblin a Name. The bakemono, Skirk, become Sk'rk, a nezumi. They tasked the new nezumi to keep their sticks safe within the tomb, and started their trek back to the Shinomen Forest in order to join with the rest of their kind to face Tomorrow. [2]

Tomorrow Edit

Kan'ok'ticheck led the forces of the One Tribe into Yume-do to protect the Nezumi Transcendents in the Battle of Tomorrow. They succeed, but all the nezumi involved were trapped in Yume-do. For Rokugan the nezumi had ceased to exist. [3]

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