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Kozue was a Kenku sensei who trained both Doji Yasurugi in the first century, and Doji Yasuyo in the twelfth century.

He had a mujina servant, Fuhao, all these centuries. [1]

Yasurugi Edit

Kozue trained Doji Yasurugi in the art of forging of katana, [1] aiding his student in the creation of Naishi. Shortly after the blade was completed, it was given to the kenku as a gift. From time to time, Kozue returned the blade, always when a Crane hero was in great need. [2]

Doji Hotei Edit

Doji Hotei, a Crane Clan Champion of the sixth century, was once a student of Kozue and wielded Naishi until his death. [3]

Ikoma Teidei Edit

Ikoma Teidei was a young and promising samurai whose daimyo was executed by an assassin. Teidei became a ronin and spent the next seven years hunting the man responsible. Kozue trained Teidei to overcome his master's murderer. [4]

Doji Yoringu Edit

Kozue traveled to Crane Provinces with Fuhao to reach the magistrate Doji Yoringu. Kozue passed Naishi to Yoringu and advised him that the blade would be instrumental to his future granddaughter, who when the time came, she would seek Kozue in the Shinomen Mori. Yoringu later had a granddaughter, Doji Yasuyo. [3]

Doji Yasuyo Edit

In 1158, Lady Doji appeared to to Doji Yasuyo in a dream, telling her to seek out the mujina Fuhao. Yasuyo did so, and Fuhao led her to Kozue. Kozue revealed to Yasuyo the nature of the cursed blade Chukandomo and that her own blade Naishi could end the curse. Should she fail however, the fall from glory caused by the curse would crush the Doji family forever. Kozue took Yasuyo to the Spirit Realm of Chikushudo, where they trained for seven years while only a year passed in the mortal realm. Yasuyo was returned and her training helped her aid her cousin Doji Kurohito in breaking the curse in Toshi Ranbo in 1160. [1] [5]

Training Yasuyo Edit

Yasuyo returned a second time for a brief time in 1169, after the death of her husband, another time later, and Kozue came for him to the Hidden Moon Dojo in 1173. [6]

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