Yoritomo Komori

Koumori flying

The koumori were shapeshifting bat spirits of Chikushudo [1] that occasionally came to Rokugan and took human form. They were nocturnal beings and particularly at ease in total darkness. They were also believed to bring good luck. [2] Koumori dwelled in Meido and served as it guardians. [3]

Dawn of the Empire Edit

When the armies of the Kami were scouring the Empire destroying those they thought to be minions of Fu Leng, Unmei, a koumori, and his people were spared by Hida who saw that they were not followers of Fu Leng. Unmei and his people fled to the Islands that would later be known as the Islands of Spice and Silk. [4]

Mantis Clan connection Edit

The koumori dwell deep in the forests and jungles and are benevolent guardians, chasing away gaki and other evil spirits. Kaimetsu-Uo is said to have made a bargain with them, striking down a deadly evil that hunted them on the Islands of Spice and Silk. In turn, the koumori taught Kaimetsu-Uo and his followers how to make a life on the islands, and the the Mantis Clan was truly born. [5]

Guardians of Meido Edit

When a hungry ghost became a danger to itself and to the living, they chased it back to where it would do no harm. When an innocent spirit became lost after death, the koumori guided it wherever it belonged. They were masters of the spirit paths, custodians of the dead who had lost their way. [5]

Abilities Edit

When the koumori were in human form they could live among the rokugani, be married and have half-spirit children. A koumori was the father of the Bat Clan founder, Yoritomo Komori. [5] Since the inception of the Bat Clan, with Komori as its Champion, the reclusive koumori contacted many more humans. They even learned to have some familiarity with the art of taryu-jiai. [6] Koumori were very magically powerful and could perform impossible feats with their secret spells. [3]

Known Koumori Edit

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