Kouken family
Patron family: Mirumoto family
Clan: Dragon Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Kouken family was a family of monks, who were the Clan's eyes and ears in the Empire.

Spread Edit

The monks took up residence in larger cities and important villages. They did not wear clan or family mons, and looked as wandering monks. They arranged a network of information within the lower classes. [1]

Secrecy Edit

To remain under the veil of the secret they funded Kouken Sick-houses, which they used as a place for resting or meeting. [2]

Family founded Edit

The Mirumoto gifted the monks the name Kouken, the stewardship of the sick-houses, and a small keep on the southern edge of the Dragon lands. The castle served as a training place of the newer members, as well as a retirement place for the older ones. It was the last refuge of those who were exposed for what they truly were. [2]

Ranks Depleted Edit

The Kouken family failed the Mirumoto in the War Against Shadow, when many Kouken were absorbed by the Shadows, and its numbers diminished. [2] The next Mirumoto Daimyo did not took any action to rebuild the order, and only few retired Mirumoto joined the order since. [3]

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