Kotaishi was the Rokugani title for the Emperor's heir. [1] The Imperial Heir was, almost always, the eldest child of the reigning Emperor. They were expected to assume the throne upon their predecessors death or retirement.

Notable Imperial Heirs Edit

Hantei Yugozohime Edit

Hantei Yugozohime was the fifth child of then Emperor Hantei Kusada, who was a puppet Emperor of the Gozoku conspiracy. Yugozohime was fostered to anti-Gozoku loyalists, and when the time came for the Heir to take the throne Yugozohime rose up and killed him, disolving the Gozoku.

Hantei X Edit

The tenth Emperor of Rokugan was the first to have no direct lineage to the previous Emperor. When Hantei Retsuhime died with no children, the Otomo family traced the next nearest person in line for the throne. Hantei X gave up his name to begin the practice of numbering the Emperors, and he became known as the Emperor who sacrificed his name for the Empire.

Hantei XVI Edit

The Heir to Hantei XV was so well liked by his father that the Emperor retired early, thinking his son capable and worthy. Hantei XVI was such a tyrannical leader, that he was brought down by his own followers after he murdered his own mother.

Toturi III Edit

The end of Toturi I's reign was blighted by the lack of a clear line of succession. The Empire was in turmoil for years, as many clans vied for power by backing one of the Four Winds. In the end, the heroic sacrifice of Toturi Tsudao ended the dispute and Toturi Naseru took the trone, posthumously declaring his sister Empress Toturi II.

Iweko I Edit

The heir apparent of Empress Iweko I was her first-born son Iweko Seiken, who favoured the Lion Clan, the clan of his father Iweko Setai. Iweko made sure that Seiken would be martially powerful and well-accustomed with all the clans. This should minimise the threat of him being overthrown, possibly by his little brother, Iweko Shibatsu, who was raised by the Spider Clan as a ward.


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