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Koru (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named carpenter

Koru the Rich was a powerful merchant of the Second City, one of the wealthiest men in the Colonies.

Early Years Edit

Born the son of a carpenter who worked in Unicorn lands, Koru was only seven years old when he and his parents left for the Colonies, following their Lord's orders. They were part of the many workers who built the Second City. [1]

Wealthy Edit

Koru bgean business building large tenement houses he would rent on short terms, money which he invested into trade and commerce. He became the city's richest merchant before he reached twenty-five years of age. Eventually his business interests came under attack by peasant thugs, and Koru began to hire ronin bodyguards of his own, afraid these attacks came from one of his known rivals, Bogu the Fat and Kurujo the Old. [1]

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