Koritome family
Patron family: Matsu family
Clan: Lion Clan
Founded: 443
Daimyo: None

The Koritome family was founded in 443, [1] not long after the Battle of White Stag, honoring the memory of Matsu Koritome who had died saving the life of the new Emperor Hantei Muhaki. Muhaki had been attempting to negotiate with the gaijin who attacked Rokugan when he was ambushed. Koritome killed the attackers, but was himself mortally wounded. Muhaki held a archery tournament to honor Koritome, and when there were over two hundred Lion still in the competition after two days the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Zaruko was so impressed that she founded the Koritome family and made those two hundred it's first members. [2]

Tradition Edit

Koritome's eldest brother was appointed the family's new daimyo. Koritome and his brother had come from a long line of archers and the Koritome vassal family continued this tradition. [3]

Holdings Edit

The Koritome family made their home in Shiro Koritome and administered Koritome Toshi. The family's holdings were equivalent to that of some minor clans, quite large for a vassal family. This was because the Matsu family valued the Koritome's service and skill. Since their inception, they had supplied the Lion's greatest archers. The Wasp Clan founder, Tsuruchi himself, had one parent from the Koritome family. [4]

Koritome Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Koritome:

Matsu Koritome's eldest brother 443 - ?
Matsu Hanakohime  ? - ?
Matsu Kitohime  ? - ?
Matsu Ichitaka's father  ? - ?
Matsu Ichitaka  ? - ?
Matsu Taro  ? - ?

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