Konak jiji were spirits of Sakkaku, distant cousins of the pekkle. It had not shapeshifting abilities, but as its natural form resembled a human baby, which allowed them to perform cruel and fatal jokes on humans. [1] Sometimes the creature worked together with a Nure-Onna, the so-called “Wet Woman.” [2]

Abilities Edit

Konak jiji found sought suitable victims in remote areas of the countryside, such as mountains and large forests. The konak jiji could control its own weight at will, and when fools villagers or woodsmen picked up the abandoned infant, it increased its weight hundredfold and also injected a paralyzing venom, preventing the victim from dropping the konak jiji. The sheer weight of the creature broke bones and sprained muscles, and the konak jiji devoured the paralyzed mortal. [1]

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