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Komori Taigo was a shugenja of the Bat Clan.

Colonies Edit

Taigo was born in the Colonies, in the Fuzake Farmlands. He was one of the children who celebrated the first Firefly Festival in the ruined Ivory Kingdoms. This day, from a Spider conqueror, he learned of the existence of the Temple of the Golden Monkey, guarded by hundreds of monkeys. [1] He became an odd, esoteric and over-optimistic man who was driven to find the legendary Temple, seeking anyone willing to join his quest. [2]

Imperial Explorer Edit

Taigo explored the untamed lands with the Imperial Explorers, always seeking the fabled temple. He was the only survivor in four expedition he did, with multiple Dark Naga encounters, and at least one subterranean cave-in. His fifth expedition was funded by his clan, to be formed with many volunteers, as Horiuchi Utaeru, Tonbo Kitai, Tsuruchi Kosoko, Yoritomo Kenji, and even the ronin Tomoe. Taigo had the endorsement of the Bat Clan Champion, and also from the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime, so the Head of the Imperial Explorers, Bayushi Shibata, sanctioned the expedition in 1198. Anyhow the mission was on hold, until the Siege of the Second City would be lifted. [1]

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