Komori Junsaku 
Komori Junsaku 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named ronin,
un-named Moshi Shugenja 
Titles: Bat Clan Champion

Komori Junsaku was a shugenja of the Bat Clan and the second Bat Clan Champion.

Parents Edit

Junsaku was born the son of a ronin bushi and a Moshi Shugenja. His mother was stationed in the City of Lies as part of the Mantis embassy. There she had falled in love with a rogue who made a living in the many gambling houses that fill the city. Disgraced and berated for her dishonorable attachment, she left the city to roam the Empire beside her ronin husband. [1]

Early Years Edit

Komori Junsaku 2

Young Komori Junsaku

Junasku was a sickly boy, who was properly treated after his parents raised money as mercenaries of the Lion Clan. He grew as was a kind, affable, and talkative boy, even to strangers. His parents left the Lion army after the War of the Rich Frog, and moved towards his mother's homeland. In the journey his parents encountered a man beset by bandits, and sent them running in a matter of moments. The victim revealed as the Bat Clan Champion, Komori, who offered them allegiance to his new Minor Clan. [1]

Prodigy Edit

Junsaku was a young, talented shugenja and the personal student of Komori. Well past his gempukku, Junsaku retained a sense of wonder about the world around him, and was fascinated by the simplest of things. He revered the kami and spent hours in rapt discussion with them each day, communing with them on a level that marveled shugenja many years his senior. Junsaku was very intrigued by the tales of enlightenment that had reached the Mantis islands, and he tirelessly pored over ancient scrolls seeking some understanding of the wisdom others had achieved. [2] In 1170 Junsaku had yet to undergo his gempukku, but Komori hoped he would become a great thinker who would shape the future empire. Many believed Junsaku would rival the strength of the Elemental Masters. [1]

Bat Champion Edit

Junsaku, the first samurai to pass his gempukku as Bat, was selected as the new Bat Clan Champion by Komori, who retired. He sent some of his best students to the Colonies, tasking them with supporting the Mantis in their exploration of the jungle, and assigned more senior shugenja to various courts of the Empire, creating a network of magical communication. [3]

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Bat Clan Champion
? - Present
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