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Komori Iongi 
Born: 1150 
Children: Two un-named children 
Titles: Iongi family Founder

Moshi Iongi was a shugenja of the Mantis Clan who joined the Bat Clan as Komori Iongi and became the founder of the Iongi family.

Male Moshi Edit

Iongi was born after the War of Spirits finished. [1] As a male shugenja in the matriarchal Moshi, he was relegated as librarian of their temples. He was recruited by the Yoritomo as shugenja in one of their kobune, and he spent several years trading with the Ivory Kingdoms. [2]

In the Mantis Navy Edit

Iongi eventually was appointed under the command of Yoritomo Rui in the kobune Fire Blossom. [3] Rui was not a friendly captain and berated Iongi every day. They fought in the Battle of Broken Waves, where the Dark Wave was destroyed. [1]

Mantis Civil War Edit

When Yoritomo Kumiko revealed herself as Yoritomo's daughter, Iongi immediately joined her cause and became part of the group proclaiming her the true Mantis Clan Champion. During the Mantis Civil War he met her sensei, the aged Yoritomo Komori, a hero of the Clan. [4]

Sea of Shadows Edit

They were sailing in the Osaku Route, an uncorrupted passage through the Sea of Shadows claimed by the Crab, to make trade with gaijin, and the route allowed to cut months off their voyage. [5] They had found and island and Rui came back with an object from there. Shortly after they left the island [3] a Yasuki Tsukioka's patrol ship warned them to turn back, but Iongi crippled their sail with a bolt of lightning and the resulting fire eventually sank the Crab ship. [5]

Tetsubo of Thunder Edit

The Mantis were hunted by Hida Sadaharu, captain of the koutetsukan Stone Storm. Sadaharu finally caught them, damaged the kobune, and boarded it. He delivered an edict from the Emerald Champion forbidding the Mantis presence in the Osaku Route. He also warned about the "abilities" of the item had retrieved Rui, the Tetsubo of Thunder. Any who held it began to heard the unforgiving voice of Osano-Wo. Rui ordered Iongi to get rid of it. [3]

Bat Clan Edit

When on shore, Iongi met again Komori, who had been awarded with his own Minor Clan, the Bat Clan. Komori was recruiting members for his Clan between the Mantis, and offered Iongi to join him. The shugenja in exchange gifted him with the tetsubo, which became the ancestral weapon of the Bat clan [3] this year of 1167[6] It was housed in the Temple to Osano-Wo at Kyuden Komori. [7]

Iongi family Edit

Komori Iongi tirelessly worked to build the first temple of the Komori family, and he was granted his own vassal family, the Iongi. Himself, his wife, their two adult children, alongside their spouses, bore the family name. [2] Iongi attended the Komori Summoner school, but lacking true koumori blood, he had had very little success in mastering his methods. [8]

Tournament of the Minor Clans Edit

Iongi was the lead judge in the Meditation contest in one of the Tournament of the Emperor's Favored. [9]

Heir of the Bat Edit

Komori considered Iongi one of his greatest students, and believed one day he would take his position as the leader of the Bat Clan. [4]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Iongi Daimyo
1167 - Present
Succeeded by:


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