Kokujin family


Clan: Spider Clan 
Founded: Unknown 
Daimyo: Kokujin Dairu

The Kokujin Family, formerly known as the Order of Kokujin, was a monastic order who worshipped and followed the teachings of Kokujin. [1] Its home was the Temple of Madness at the City of the Lost. [2] Since the forming of the Spider Clan by Daigotsu, the order had become a family of the Spider.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Kokujin tattooed many tainted and Lost humans, and his Shadowlands gifts caused them to become subservient to his will, and he began bestowing his own name upon them to create a “family.” [3] This monastic order used tattoos in the same way as the Dragon orders, the Order of Kokujin Tattoos. [4]

Dissolution Edit

After Kokujin's death his followers fell into disarray. Daigotsu allowed them to dissipate and encouraged the formation of new monastic orders within the Spider. A few members of the disintegrating order did stay loyal to Daigotsu. [3]

Restoration Edit

In the late 12th century some mambers of the Spider Clan, now a Great Clan, bore the Kokujin family name again, [5] granted by the new daimyo Kokujin Dairu. [citation needed]

Kokujin Daimyo Edit

The following were the known Leaders of the Kokujin family:

Kokujin  ? - 1169
Kokujin Dairu  ? - Present

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