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Kokujin Buncho

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Kokujin Buncho

Kokujin Buncho

Buncho was an eta who followed the Prophet of the Dark Lotus as Kokujin Buncho, a tainted monk of the Spider Clan.

Early Years Edit

Buncho was born a poor eta boy in the northern Crane lands whose parents were killed by a samurai for a supposed slight. Buncho attacked and killed the passing noble and his guards with his bare hands. He fled and began to kill people randomly. [1]

Kokujin Edit

The Dark Prophet, Kokujin, who was creating a peasant revolt in the Scorpion lands, heard of a man killing people randomly in Crane lands. The tattooed madman hunted and beat Buncho until he listened. Kokujin tought him his philosophy of the Dark Lotus and Buncho became a fanatical serial killer. His look was of a muscular man, bald with a short goatee. His corrupted tattoos were hidden among the giant lotus flower tattoo on his back. Buncho disappeared into the Empire after the death of Kokujin. [1]

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