Kokujin's Challenge was a message was delivered to Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu from the mad Ise Zumi Kokujin in 1159. Kokujin had issued a challenge to the Dragon Clan, claiming to want to face seven of their finest warriors to ultimately resolve the conflict between the maddened monk and the Clan.[1]

The Challenge Edit

"I grow bored of waiting.

I have heard your challenge, and I am prepared to meet it.

Pick seven of your best, and send them to me.

Send two from the Togashi, the family whose name I once carried.

Send two from the Hitomi, the family that I helped to create and that understands me best.

Send one from the order of Hoshi, the children who have dedicated themselves to my death.

Send one from the Mirumoto; let him test his swords against mine.

And send one from the Tamori. Why not?

Send any less and I will kill them.

Send any more and I will not appear.

I am waiting, and I promise enlightenment to those who would face me.

Find me in the Twilight Mountains."

The Seven Edit

Lack of Kitsuki Edit

Kokujin revealed to Togashi Satsu the reason there was no request for a Kitsuki in the challenge. Kokujin believed they would have warned Satsu not to play his games.[2]

Resolution Edit

The seven travelled to the Twilight Mountains where they were met by dozens of tattooed bakemono and dark ise zumi led by Kokujin Kobai.[1] Four of them (Satsu, Chieko, Hogai and Akuai) were captured following the initial fight, and taken to Kokujin's lair in the ruins of Shiro Heichi where Kokujin used Akuai to create a new shamesword.[3] Once Akuai was dead and the wakizashi complete, Kokujin made Satsu choose between Hogai and Chieko for who would be next.[2]


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