Koku no Seishin

Koku no Seishin

Koku no Seishin, or Empty Souls, [1] were spirits ripped from Meido and imbued with the Taint. [2]

Daigotsu's Creation Edit

During his brief stay in the Realm of Waiting Daigotsu stole some of the tortured spirits residing there and the twisted creatures were born. The Koku no Seishin constantly sought the release that should have been granted them after the Celestial Pattern decreed them cleansed. They lack identity and strived to steal other's souls in order to gain a sense of self. They wished to harness enough kharma to finally break free of their horrid state and ascend to a different Spirit Realm. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Empty Souls resembled their former living forms, [1] had indistinct and insubstantial bodies, covered with misty gray energy. Under this spiritual fog laid a human body in full samurai armor carrying a katana who were difficult to detect and very resistant to magic. When Koku no Seishin were killed they returned to a site designated by Daigotsu inside the Temple of the Ninth Kami. [2] Empty Souls attempted to steal the essence away from any human they sensed, and imbue themselves with the energy so they might become more human, trying to sate their overwhelming need to rejoin the Celestial Pattern. [1]

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