Kokoro Nezuban Mori

Akodo Mori

Heart of Vigilance Forest, also known as Akodo Mori, [1] was the only major Lion forest, and this lumber went entirely towards military purposes. Within the forest was discovered a shrine, known as Kokoro Nezuban Seido. [2] It was located in the Kokoro province. [3] The nearby village of Rengai Mura was named Brick Village because no lumber was allowed for the peasants to build their houses. [4] [5] Overseeing the forest was the ancestral duty of the Katai family. [6]

Bandits Edit

Remmants of the Yugoro's Hordes, the Forest-Killers, plagued the area. They kept their hideout deep in the center of Kokoro Nezuban Mori a secret. [7]


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