Koebi family
Patron family: Hida family
Clan: Crab Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: None

The Koebi family was a vassal family of the Hida family, and served the Hida with loyalty and honor for centuries. Kaiu Kenru recommended to Hida Kisada that they be given Minor Clan status. [1]

In 1123 the lands of the Koebi were destroyed by a monsoon. The only remnants of the once-proud family were the ancestral Koebi Jitte and the daimyo's eldest son, Ryhodotsu, who was away at the time. [2]

Known Members Edit

Koebi daimyo Edit

Koebi  ? - ?


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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
The two accounts of the doomed Kobei family are in Way of the Wolf, pages 34 and 117. Page 34 declares them to be vassals of the Hida, while page 117 says they served the Yasuki family. They are said here to be vassals of the Hida only because of the precedence of the passage. Also, they are said on page 34 to have been destroyed by a monsoon, while page 117 says they were destroyed by a typhoon. While either is possible, a hurricane on the coast is more likely to have been noticed and less likely to have surprised the returning Ryhodostu, so it assumed to be a monsoon. Though without modern meterorolgical instruments, the effects of the two would seem mostly the same to those experiencing them.

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