Born: Unknown 
Died: 1125

Koda was an assassin member of the Tortoise Clan.

Appearance Edit

Koda was a huge, dark skinned man. He smelled terrible, threatened people, and oozed arrogant confidence. He was a savage fighter who used his parangu unafraid of death. [1]

Immortal Edit

Daidoji Dajan an Asako Nakiro had made him immortal. If he died his soul would return to the Shimushigaki, a gaki who lived inside Nakiro's body. The gaki would transfer Koda into a new body, twisting its shape until it resembled Koda's in all ways, complete with the scars from the wounds that killed him last. [1]

Beheaded Edit

He attempted to kill the outlaw Usagi Ozaki at Ryoko Owari Toshi, but the Hare beheaded him. [2] Since then he had a jagged scar encircling his entire neck. [1]

Destroyed Again, ... Edit

Koda returned to life again, and sought Ozaki. He found him at Yasuki Yashiki, took Ozaki by suprise and knocked him out. A party of samurai confronted Koda, who was killed again. His body blackened and melted into a puddle of black goo. [3]

... and Again Edit

Koda was onboard the vessel from where Kitsune Hamato cast a powerful earthquake, provoking an unnatural tsunami which hit the coast near Friendly Traveler Village and the Fields of the Morning Sun. The group of samurai survived and onboard a borrowed koutetsukan rammed Koda's ship. Koda was again murdered by them while he was protecting Hamato. [4]

Shimushigaki's Fate Edit

The Shimushigaki was eventually put to sleep, [5] and Koda most probably died forever as well.

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