Kochako family
Patron family: Soshi family
Clan: Scorpion Clan
Founded: c. 435
Daimyo: Unknown

The Kochako family was a vassal family of the Shosuro family which passed to the Soshi family a decade after they lost their credit because of their implication with the Shadowed Tower conspiracy.

Foundation Edit

The Kochako were created by the Shosuro Daimyo to guard the Scorpion should they endanger the Empire, as the clan did during the Gozoku conspiracy. Bayushi Atsuki's successor charged the Shosuro daimyo with finding the most selfless ninja he had that could stay true to Bayushi's ideals and his oath to Hantei. These silent agents would answer only to the Shosuro, and they would remain hidden even from the Bayushi. [1]

Shosuro Vassal Family Edit

Shosuro Kochako was the first daimyo, and the caverns and cave openings that run throughout the Spine of the World Mountains within sight of the Nihai Tower became their "stronghold". None had seen the Kochako's inner sanctum except the Shosuro daimyo. [1]

Shadowed Tower Edit

In the 12th century the threat the Shadowed Tower conspiracy represented clearly fell into the dictates set down centuries ago. However, as the Shadowed Tower's rhetoric introduced doubts about who was the traitor to the Scorpion, the followers of the Tower or Bayushi Yojiro, who was seen by them as the weak and ineffective ruler junshin. Several agents dispatched to investigate the Tower failed to return, not due to capture but to defection. [1]

Transferred to the Soshi Edit

In 1170, the Kuroiban uncovered a cache of scrolls within a small Shosuro outpost thought to be lost to the enemy. Among the scrolls, Soshi Uidori found a record of the lineage of the Kochako family and the list of men they have quietly murdered over the centuries. Investigating about this family, she discovered that the people murdered were enemies or traitors to the Scorpion. During the Shadowed Tower activities many of the Kochako had joined the conspiracy, and the family lost their credit. Seeing the potential of this family, she decided, with the permission of Bayushi Paneki, to combine the Soshi information networks to the Kochako killing skills to improve the assassin's network. Paneki agreed to transfer the control of the family from the Shosuro to the Soshi family. [2]

Kochako Daimyo Edit

Shosuro Kochako (c. 435) - ?
Kochako Nikai 1132 - ?

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