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Kobo ichi-kai

Kobo ichi-kai

Kobo ichi-kai, also called "Kaiuryu," "Morote-kai," or simply "kobo," was the Crab jiujutsu style which taught that the physical principles of armed and unarmed fighting one and the same. [1]

Origin Edit

It was considered one of the major martial arts. After the War Against Fu Leng, many of Hida's servants shaved their head and joined the fledgling Brotherhood of Shinsei. These monks learned unarmed style of fighting and after several years returned to Hida, who immediately recognized its value, and thus these monks became the clans first jiujutsu sensei. [2]

Style Edit

Powerful strikes yet swift melted with Kuni expertise in creature anatomy. This, combined with the Kaiu talent for finding weakness in any obstacle, developed in something different than jiujutsu, so in the 3rd century the Crab began to call it kobo ichi-kai. It relied on powerful backhand strokes, roundhouse kicks, and risky grappling maneuvers. While each kobo maneuver was a risk, it was a calculated risk. [3]

"Blows should be felt and not seen."
-Kobo motto [1]

Trainings Edit

Students of Kobo ichi-kai, who called themselves Hida Pragmatists, [4] became an instrument of death, they were taught to kill or be killed, as this martial art would be used agains the minions of the Shadowlands. [5]

  • A novice kobo studentknews several rudimentary joint locks and had just begun to master the art of focusing power into a single perfect stroke.
  • The experienced student began to initiate crippling joint locks with lightning speed.
  • The advanced student continued to learn techniques to take advantage of an enemy's weakness, as well as incorporating knowledge useful against nonhuman opponents.
  • An expert was able to tear fearsome beasts asunder with his bare hands.
  • The rare kobo student who survived long enough to master this deadly art of combat was an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Known Kobo techniques Edit

Kobo Tournaments Edit

Kobo tournaments utilized a modified form called kobo amai. There was no points system, the tournament match was over when one opponent submitted, was hurled from ring, or could no longer continue fighting. [3]


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