Kjgkt was a zokujin prophet of the Rejn Tribe who lived in the Dragon mountains. He was fascinated by the human culture and eventually his tribe became an ally of the Tamori family. [1]

Ancient Edit

Kjgkt was over one thousand years old and was connected to the Earth kami in ways Rokugani would never achieve. [2]

Togashi Edit

When Shinsei began his speeches to the other Kami, Togashi retreated to meditate on the Little Teacher's words. His actual trials of starvation began after he met Kjgkt, a curious spirit of the elemental Earth. At just over one hundred years old, Kjgkt was relatively young for one of his kind. Togashi greeted Kjgkt as an honored superior and the two talked at length. Eventually, Togashi was once again overcome by the wisdom of another and thanked the young Zokujin for his insight, beginning his fasting and meditation. [3]

Shaman Edit

For over one thousand years Kjgkt retreated and just watched the humans. He became a powerful shaman and one of the most powerful spellcasters of his race, one of the five immortal shamans tasked with guiding the entire race of Zokujin, gifted with visions of the future. [4]

Twelfth Century Edit

Hitomi Edit

When Mirumoto Hitomi returned from the Second Day of Thunder as the Dragon Clan Champion, Kjgkt came forward to offer his wisdom to Togashi's successor. He turned away, seeing madness Hitomi's eyes, and watched as she spilled the blood of the Togashi family. Kjgkt regreted he could have prevented the tragedy. [4]

Tainted Tamori Edit

When the fledging Tamori family began its history, bearing the name of the tainted Agasha Tamori, Kjgkt beseeched the kami of Earth to favor the Tamori, and helped them expunge the stain of corruption that plagued their name. [4] In 1159 he aided Tamori Shaitung and Isawa Nakamuro in locating the Dark Oracle of Fire. [5] It allowed the Rejn to made Maigo no Samurai Mura their home. [6]

Meetings with Shaitung Edit

Kjgkt met Shaitung in the secretive Shrine to Agasha Tamori, deep within Fire Tooth Mountain. The room had no entrance, but the Tamori Daimyo and the zokujin could pass through the solid rock with their own powers. [7]

Kisada's legacy Edit

Kjgkt later escorted Hida Kisada to Last Step Castle so that he could meet his granddaughter, Kitsuki Yoritoko. [8]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Secrets of the Dragon page 83 claims Kjgkt was a member of the Zesh Tribe. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 14:09, April 27, 2013 (UTC)


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