Kiyomi was a low-born courtier who had gained Imperial status and great influence in Rokugan. [1]

Rezan Edit

She was so beautiful that Rezan commented that were he to have her, he would die happy once more. [2]

Courting Edit

The first time Rezan courted the courtier was in 1158 during the Winter Court at Kyuden Miya, when he sang to her in the garden. The second was in 1159 at the great marriage between Ikoma Otemi and Shosuro Yasuko, when Kiyomi was allowed to honor Rezan presence with a poem. [3]

My sweetest poet,

How your words woo my young heart.

A diamond you are.

Toturi II Edit

Kiyomi was a supporter of Toturi Tsudao. After the Sword proclamated herself as Empress Toturi II, Kiyomi requested Rezan to join her ranks. [3]

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