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Kitsune Taboo (Disadvantage)

A Kitsune or a member of the Kitsune family character with the Kitsune Taboo disadvantage is guided in their behavior and mannerism by this taboo. [1]

Known Taboos Edit

This is a list of known taboos: [2]

  • Not harm commoners and must give them aid at any opportunity, nor may allow woodlands to be harmed without just cause.
  • Never tell the complete truth.
  • Never eat rice or consume anything made from rice, such as sake.
  • Never be alone, he must always be in the company of at least two individuals, even when sleeping.
  • Never, ever, break a promise, even one made in haste.
  • Never allow shugenja to use magic on the Kitsune. [3]
  • Always answer questions with questions. [3]
  • Must marry a worthy human. [3]
  • Never drink alcohol. [4]
  • Never cross running water. [4]
  • Never eat meat or fish of any kind. [5]
  • Always dress in the colors of its natural form. [4]
  • Its shadow always reveals its true form. [4]
  • Never bathe. [4]
  • Never lie, [4] and if aware that someone else is lying he must reveal the truth to others present at the time. [5]
  • Never wear clothes other than the bare minimum to cover its modesty. [4]
  • Never be the target of any elemental spell. [4]
  • Never kill another living being [4] except in self-defense. [5]
  • Never enter a shrine or temple, [4] and never shapeshift when within a temple or shrine. [5]
  • Never allow a human to touch it. [4]
  • Never tell anyone its true nature or its true name. [4]
  • Never speak [4] or write to communicate. [5]
  • Never touch an item created by humans. [4]
  • Never enter a building where someone lives unless invited to do so. [5]
  • Must repay a human's kindness with a greater kindness within 1 day. Must repay insults in the same fashion as well. [5]
  • Always pick up what drops in his presence and return it. [5]
  • Never own more than he may carry, and to give any possession in excess of this limit to the first person met. [5]
  • Eat living flesh (insects, mice...) once per day. [5]
  • Always own and keep one item. [5]
  • Never take human form. [5]
  • Marry a worthy human within 1 year, and treat him with respect and loyalty. If the human spouse proved unworthy, return to home Realm forever. [5]

Characters Known to Have this Disadvantage Edit

  • Kitsune Meisuko (Cannot tell the complete truth)
  • Kitsune Mizuru (May not drink alcohol and may not tell anyone of his true nature or allow it to be spoken of in his presence)
  • Ryosei (Must follow Word of Honor)
  • Soshi Kiyo (Cannot allow shugenja to use magic on her, must answer questions with questions, must marry a worthy human)


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