Kitsune Sojin was the commander of the Mondai Ketsu, the "Fury of the Hantei", prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Childhood Edit

When child his family was murdered by ronin who attempted to steal their annual taxes. Sojin was saved from death by Kakita Higune, the magistrate in charge to collect the funds. They returned to Otosan Uchi and Sojin was adopted by a family of the Seppun. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Sojin was a practical man at heart, but inexperienced in Court who focused on martial studies. He became one of the most fearsome combatants among the Seppun Miharu. [2]

Blood Feud Edit

Sojin lived with his group in the Unicorn embassy at Otosan Uchi, but after Moto Ujiaki was appointed as the embassy's Captain Guard he clashed with Sojin. The Mondai Ketsu moved to another building, which became the Fox Clan Embassy. [3]

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