Kitsune Shudo 
Kitsune Shudo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named 
Titles: Shudo family Founder

Kitsune Shudo was a bushi and gunso of the Fox Clan, and member of Yoritomo's Alliance.

Warrior Edit

Shudo was an oddity among the Fox Clan, because he was born without the gift to speak with the kami. He trained with the Matsu, becoming a rude and enthusiastic warrior. Shudo joined the Yoritomo's Alliance, becoming the highest ranked non-Yoritomo officer during the Clan War. After the Fox left the Alliance, Shudo returned to the Kitsune, despite it was evident he missed his former rank and duty. For his devotion to the Fox, the Fox Clan Champion Kitsune Ryosei granted him the Shudo vassal family. The sons and grandsons of Shudo formed the first members of the new family, who served as Yojimbo and wardens of the Kitsune. [1]

Preceded by:
Shudo Daimyo
12th century
Succeeded by:

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