Kitsune Ryosei 
Kitsune Ryosei 
Born: 1108 
Died: 1160 
Parents: Kitsune Gohei 
Titles: Fox Clan Champion

Kitsune Ryosei was the daughter of the Fox Clan Champion, Kitsune Gohei.

Otosan Uchi Edit

Ryosei had a private estate at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Ryosei's Gempukku Edit

In 1124, when Ryosei was 16, she underwent her gempukku. Ryosei was tasked by her father to locate and retrieve the Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan. Ryosei found the sword hidden under the mountains near Otosan Uchi, and brought it back to the Grove of Inari in Kitsune Mori where her father was waiting. Her father, an old man, took the blade and unravelled the silk of the hilt to reveal a Black Scroll concealed within. Gohei read the scroll, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng to gain immortality. Gohei attempted to sacrifice Ryosei to complete the ritual, but Ryosei was saved by a kitsune spirit which sacrificed its own life to buy Ryosei enough time to escape. [2] [3]

Kitsune Ryosei 2


"One day, I will find you, father... I swear that I will."

Fox Clan Champion Edit

Ryosei had the unusual green eyes of the Kitsune, trademark of those descendants of the Kitsune who founded the family. She was a friendly, open, brave, gallant compatriot who was well-versed in the ways of war. She was a dedicated leader, expert in hidden warfare as well as direct assault. [4]

Hunting her Father Edit

Ryosei and her companion, the monk Yoshun hunted Gohei, but had never found him. [5] They had shared the same tutor when young and became True Friends. [4]

Clan War Edit

Ryosei 1

Fox Daimyo Ryosei

Joining the Yoritomo's Alliance Edit

In 1122, [6] at the onset of the Clan War the Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo, summoned the leaders of Three Man Alliance, Suzume Yugoki, son of the Sparrow Clan Champion, Ryosei from the Fox, and Tsuruchi from the Wasp Clan. Yugoki made no objection when the other leaders joined the Yoritomo's Alliance, but the scarcity of bushi within the Sparrow Clan forced Yugoki to stand aside. [7]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

In 1128 Ryosei commanded the Fox forces in the Battle of Sokustel Forest, just before the assault on Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder. [8]

War against the Shadow Edit

Twenty Seven day of DarknessEdit

In the eleventh day of the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness, Ryosei was visited by Hitomi. The Lady explained that the Shadows could be injured with crystal, the light destroyed them, and they were gathering their forces in the Shadowlands. The place of the Kitsune Daimyo would not be fighting at Volturnum, she had to remain in the Empire, to defeat the Shadow where it had stepped within the light. [9]

Kumo, the Great Sea Spider Edit

In 1133 while the rest of the Clans army's marched to Volturnum, the Great Sea Spider, Kumo, began to ravage the Crane lands. [10] When the Crane Civil War ended, the Kumo turned its hunger on the rest of the Empire. [11] As the Fox were allies of the Crane the Great Sea Spider marched to Kyuden Kitsune. [12] Ryosei was prepared to face it, [13] and the soul of Kumo was put to rest. [14]

Yoritomo Edit

Ryosei was courted by Yoritomo.  She not only rebuffed his advances, but in 1133, abandoned the Yoritomo Alliance along with her Clan. These events led the fall of the Alliance, the Mantis Clan abandoning any territorial claim in mainland Rokugan, and Yoritomo eventually marrying Moshi Wakiza. [15]

Four Winds Edit

Seeking her Father Edit

Kokujin and Ryosei

Kokujin meets Ryosei

In 1159 in the month of the Serpent [16] Ryosei finally decided to find her father. She travelled south towards the Shadowlands where she was met by the mad Ise Zumi Kokujin [17] in the month of the Horse. [18] He told her that he had been sent by her father [19] to guide her to the City of the Lost.  At first she did not believe him and drove her nagamaki through his torso, Kokujin did not even flinch, instead broke the nagamaki and told her to follow him.[20] In the Temple of the Ninth Kami Gohei offered his daughter to join them while holding the Tenth Black Scroll, A Terrible Oath. The Fox Daimyo refused and was imprisoned, but Omen aided her escape from the City. He gifted Ryosei with several items; a map to find the nezumi Te'tik'kir of the Crippled Bone Tribe who would help her return to the Empire, a magical crystal to be used for long range communication and the Tenth Black Scroll. [5] [21]

Black Scroll Edit

Ryosei passed the Black Scroll to the Phoenix Clan, journeying to Gisei Toshi and giving it to the scholar Isawa Maasaki. [22]

Death Edit

Ryosei retired to a Fox temple and passed quietly into death in 1160. [23] She was succeeded as Champion by her cousin Kitsune Ryukan. Ryosei's death did not seem natural for Ryukan, he feared a threat he could not see had provoked it. [24] In truth, Ryosei had been attacked and killed by the Shadow Dragon himself. [25] [26]

After Death Edit

Ryosei was called by the Fortune of Heroes, Goemon, to join the Legion of the Dead. [23] In the Realm of Thwarted Destiny she was met by the soul of Doji Satsume. Satsume believed that she was his wife's soul, who was dwelling in Meido, because she had commited suicide in life. Ryosei promised him to aid Satsume in his search to find her. [27] The image that Satsume saw was not Ryosei, but instead was the Shadow Dragon. He was seeking to distract Emma-O from guarding his realm, where the Fortune of Death had imprisoned part of Daigotsu's soul. The False Hoturi sneaked past Emma-O and retrieved it on behalf of the Dragon. [28]

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Preceded by:
Kitsune Gohei
Fox Clan Champion
1124 - 1160
Succeeded by:
Kitsune Ryukan

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