Kitsune Kenjo 
Kitsune Kenjo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named sister

Kitsune Kenjo was a bushi of the Fox Clan.

Family Edit

Kenjo did not bear the gifts of magic despite his father was a powerful spellcaster. He struggled to learn kenjutsu by his own, without any possibility to enter to a school. [1]

Exposing a Plot Edit

A brash samurai traveled through their lands, demanding room and board for his journey. He was moving to the Shinjo Bushi school, to learn their techniques, which the samurai had bargained to pass to the Scorpion Clan. The visiting samurai was drunk when demanded that Kenjo's sister attend him that evening, in the manner of a geisha. After the refusal he unsheathed his blade to kill her down, but Kenjo moved quickly and reversed the blow into the visitor's own stomach. [1]

Training Edit

Kenjo impersonated the dead samurai, and went to the Unicorn school.He attempted to uncover the plot, but he only warned a Shinjo traitor, who knew Kenjo's secret. [1]

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