Kitsune Jachoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Sensei of Kitsune no Mori

Kitsune Jachoko was a shugenja of the Fox Clan and sensei of the Kitsune Shugenja school.

Appearance Edit

Jachoko was pretty but not strikingly beautiful, always wearing a shimmering forest-green kimono. Her most unusual feature was her apparent youthfulness. She wore her coal black hair in a long tail down her back. [1]

Early Years Edit

During the Clan War, Jachoko's parents were killed by oni, and she was taken in by her widowed aunt at the age of twelve. Her aunt was a bitter, unhappy woman, angry at her dead husband for leaving her in poverty, who resented Jachoko for being a drain on her tenuous finances. After six months of utter misery, Jachoko ran away. [1]

Kitsune Mori Edit

Jachoko fled into Kitsune Mori, and days later, nearly starving, she collapsed. A beautiful young woman, by the name Ame, took care of hungry little girl, and showed her that she had special powers. Ame taught her the ways of the forest spirits, the elements, the kami, and the legends of the kitsune, a spirit race of shapeshifters. When Jachoko was sixteen Ame was gone without a trace, only leaving her beautiful kimono behind. Now a powerful and self-confident shugenja specialized in Earth and Air spells, she knew how to live off the land. [1]

Sensei Edit

When Jachoko was eighteen she returned to civilization, but thanks to Ame's tutoring, she knew proper etiquette. Since that time she slowly gathered students to her, in the Kitsune no Mori dojo. [1]


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