Kitsune Hibume was a bushi of the Fox Clan.

Family Edit

Hibume was the only nephew of the Fox Clan Champion Kitsune Ryukan. [1]

Bandit attacks Edit

In 1169 the Kitsune Mori was plagued by a mysterious bandits that drove out the Fox from his sacred forest. Hibume was tasked to bar the borders from any who wished to enter in their territory. [1]

Grievously wounded Edit

After the arrival of two magistrates, Kitsuki Taiko and Kakita Hideo, they suffered and arrow attack from the bandits. Hibume was wounded and the healing knowledge of Taiko saved his life. The magistrtaes were revealed as the heralds their prophet, Kitsune Narako, foresaw, a prideful warrior and the healing Dragon, who came to aid them. [1]


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