Kitsune Hamato 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1125

Kitsune Hamato was a shugenja of the Fox Clan, member of the Dajan's Kolat, a splinter sect of the true kolat.

Dajan's Kolat Edit

Hamato was an ambitious but weak-willed, incompetant Kitsune Shugenja who joined Dajan's Kolat after he found he could progress no further in his own clan. During his time with the group, Hamato willingly bound himself to an oni at the request of Daidoji Dajan and because his cowardice prevented him from refusing. [1] Hamato's particular oni was a small, green, scaly creature resembling a fox with no fur or skin, which fed off of Hamato's soul. Through the oni Hamato was really bound to the Shimushigaki, [2] a powerful gaki who was inside Dajan's lieutenant, Asako Nakiro. [3] Dajan had retrieved the bells to awaken the gaki. [1]

Framing the Hare Edit

In 1123 he was one of the four samurai who testified the Hare Clan were Maho-tsukai, leading to the disbanding of the Hare as clan. [4] The Kitsune regarded it as the only worthwhile thing the man ever did. [5]

Chased Edit

He was tasked to begin an underworld war against the true Kolat and to wipe out their most visible member, the Yasuki Daimyo Yasuki Taka. [1] His fellow Toritaka Bonugi, another of the witnesses against the Hare, was murdered in 1125. Hamato fled chased by the Kolat who wished to learn where Daidoji Dajan was. He escaped, even to the all-seeing Oni's Eye [5] in the Month of the Serpent. Most suspected that Hamato was kidnapped by Usagi patriots. [4]

Tsunami Edit

When Hamato knew a group of samurai were investigating the conspiracy against the Hare, he entered into action. While the samurai were near the coast, at Friendly Traveler Village, Hamato was onboard a ship, casting a powerful earthquake in the ocean. The spell provoked an unnatural tsunami which struck the shores, killing and destroying all on its way. Somehow the Temple of Jurojin was not hit, and the group, which had sought refuge there, survived. [6]

Death Edit

The group of samurai borrowed a Koutetsukan from Taka. Crab sailors easily outmaneuvered Hamato and rammed him. The shugenja begged for his life, telling the Bells of the Dead could put the Shimushigaki back to sleep. His treachery was quickly rewarded by the gaki, which using the oni Hamato had inside his stomach, teared its way out killing Hamato. The samurai found the bell Hamato had stolen from Dajan, which he had intended to use just in case. [7]

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