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RPG Information Edit

Kitsune Gohei

Kitsune Gohei

Kitsune Gohei, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng

Statistics Edit

Air 4 Earth 8 Fire 5 Water 5
Reflexes 6 Stamina 8 Agility 5 Strength 7
Awareness 4 Willpower 8 Intelligence 5 Perception 5

Important Statistics Edit

Attack 10k5 Claw, 10k5 Weapon
Damage 7k2 Claw, by Weapon
Initiative 10k6
Shadowlands Taint 7
TN to be Hit 40
Wounds 172: Dead

Advantages Edit

Shadowlands Powers Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

Defense 5
Hunting 7
Intimidation (Bullying) 8
Jiujutsu 6
Kenjutsu 5
Spears 5

Major References Edit

  • Enemies of the Empire, pages 277

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