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Kitsune Gohei 
Kitsune Gohei 
Born: 11th century 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kitsune Oshirin 
Siblings: Kitsune Ryoden 
Children: Kitsune Ryosei 
Titles: Fox Clan Champion

Kitsune Gohei was the Fox Clan Champion after his father Kitsune Oshirin, until he opened a Black Scroll in 1124.

Family Edit

Gohei's father, Kitsune Oshirin, was killed at the hands of Kakita Toshimoko during the Night of a Hundred Deaths and Gohei took up his fathers position as Fox Clan Champion. His sister, Kitsune Ryoden, was also killed by Toshimoko when she sought him out and challenge to a duel to the death. [1]

Seeking Immortality Edit

Gohei had a fear and horror of old age and death, and dreamed of a way to escape it. He also inherited his father's outrage at the Empire's treatment of the Minor Clans. After his family's death, his fear and anger became overwhelming. Plagued by nightmares Gohei began to seek out how to become immortal, and somehow he learned about a Black Scroll which granted immortality through human sacrifice, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng. [2]

Walking Horror of Fu Leng Edit

Gohei becomes the Walking Horror of Fu Leng

Gohei becomes the Walking Horror of Fu Leng

In 1124, Gohei's daughter Kitsune Ryosei underwent her gempukku and he tasked her with retrieving the long lost Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan. Ryosei was successful, and returned with the blade to her father in the Grove of Inari. Gohei proceeded to unwrap the silk of the handle and revealed the Black Scroll contained within. Gohei read the scroll, to buy his immortality, and became the Walking Horror of Fu Leng. He would have killed his daughter that night were it not for the timely intervention of a kitsune spirit who bought Ryosei time to flee. [3] [4]

"Fu Leng. Make me your walking horror, to rule the night at your command. Give me immortality!"

Hidden Edit

Gohei fled the Empire to the Shadowlands, a self-willed undead, a Lost soul trapped in an undead body. [2] Ryosei and her monk companion, Yoshun, hunted Gohei, but had never found him. [5]

City of the Lost Edit

After Kitsune Ryosei decided to find again her father, Gohei send the mad Ise Zumi Kokujin to met her and guided his daughter to him in the City of the Lost. [6] Gohei offered Ryosei to join and show the Tenth Black Scroll, the Doom of Fu Leng. The Fox Daimyo refused and was imprisoned. Ryosei escaped from the City with the Black Scroll aided by Omen. [5] [7]

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Preceded by:
Kitsune Oshirin
Fox Clan Champion
1090 - 1124
Succeeded by:
Kitsune Ryosei


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