Kitsune-tsuki were tragic, dangerous figures, the ghost of a kitsune that died in anguish far, far from its native forest. Most often they were foxwives who had met with bad ends. [1]

Madness Edit

Driven mad by anguish and homesickness, these ghosts were doomed to wander Ningen-do until they could return to Chikushudo. To do so they should possess a living host and force that host to return them to Chikushudo, but only if they later relinquished their cintrol. The kitsune-tsuki could not see this and clinged to their hosts, never willingly releasing its host. Only living human women were possessed, who was effectively transformed into a kitsune, with all the shapechanging and magical abilities of a fox spirit. [1]

Appearance Edit

They were invisible unless they chose not to be. When they chose to show themselves, they appeared as a vaporous, insubstantial fox with wild, unkempt fur and eyes that glowed blazing red, but they could also appear in their customary human shape. [1]

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