Kitsuki family


Clan: Dragon Clan 
Founded: 822 
Daimyo: Kitsuki Itsuma

The Kitsuki family were founded in 822 when a brilliant yoriki, Agasha Kitsuki, saved the life of Mirumoto Januko, the Mirumoto Daimyo at that time. In recognition of his incredible powers of perception and this deed he was given his own family by the Dragon Clan. [1]

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They were often called "the hospitable Dragons", and served as diplomats and magistrates for the Dragon Clan. Although they branched out from a shugenja family, they had no shugenja school. Instead the Kitsuki taught Kitsuki Method, a unique technique that utilized perception, awareness and intuition to aid in solving a crime. [2]


Kitsuki DaimyoEdit

The following were the known daimyo of the Kitsuki family:

Agasha Kitsuki 822 - 829
Kitsuki Masakatada  ? - ?
Yasu's Father  ? - c.1122
Kitsuki Yasu c.1122 - ?
Kitsuki Mizuochi  ? - ?
Kitsuki Iweko  ? - 1170
Kitsuki Berii 1170 - ?
Kitsuki Itsuma  ? - Present

This a list of known Kitsuki Daimyo who cannot be properly placed in the chronology.

Kitsuki Daisuke  ? - ?

Vassals of the Kitsuki Edit

The following were the known vassal families of the Kitsuki family:

Within the familyEdit

Kitsuki MonEdit

The mon of the Kitsuki family was that of a dragon encircling and clinging to a lightning bolt. It was a curious image, and the depiction of the lightning was that of a swirling maze. The lightning symbolized cutting through the darkness, revealing things that could not be seen previously. Lightning was also the symbol of Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, who brought his wrath upon those who deserved justice. [3]

The Agasha Edit

Following the creation of the Kitsuki family there was a number of the Agasha who followed Agasha Kitsuki. While the Agasha kept their focus on their studies of the bubun, those with more interests in the practical applications of Agasha's works joined the Kitsuki. Over the years, a friendly rivalry arose between the two families, and the Agasha would often look upon the Kitsuki as their "little brothers and sisters". It would sometimes even occur that Agasha would refer to a Kitsuki when meeting them as oto-oto (little brother) or imo-oto (little sister). [2]


The biggest enemy the Kitsuki had made over the years, maybe without even knowing too much about them, were the ninja. In their quests for the truth, the Kitsuki occasionally picked up the trails of ninja who did not wish to be traced back to their missions. As such, quite a few Kitsuki had been assassinated over the years, and each time, more Kitsuki filled their place to investigate the new clues and learn more about the perpetrators, although rarely who they were. [2]

Schools & Paths Edit

The following were schools and paths within the Kitsuki family:


The Kitsuki provinces were just north of Toshi Ranbo, the Imperial City, west from the Sleeping Thunder Mountain near Phoenix Lands, and east from Unicorn lands. [4] These provinces had formerly been ruled by the Mirumoto. [5]


The Kitsuki Provinces, also known as the Gateway to the Wall, contained most of the smallest peaks in the Great Wall of the North mountains and several twisting valleys making it easily confusing to visitors. These lands were also the home of most of the Dragon Clan's gold mines, producing the majority of it's wealth. A lot of goats were herded throughout these lands, ands as such the population was concentrated mainly in mining towns and shepperding villages. The lands themselves were sparsely populated, and it's people were quiet and withdrawn preferring solitude to visitors. The magistrates of these provinces were all Kitsuki, and most Kitsuki Magistrates served here initially as an "initiation" period. Shiro Kitsuki sat in the north of these lands, where resided the diplomatic corps of the Clan. It was also the centre of law within the Dragon, and any Dragon accused of a crime stood trial here. Even the peasantry of the Kitsuki provinces were well versed in the Tao and the law. [6]

The Kitsuki provinces were divided into three smaller provinces. [7]

Kitsuki provinces

Kitsuki Provinces

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