Kitsuki Yoritoko 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Kitsuki Yasuo

Kitsuki Yoritoko was the daughter of Kitsuki Yasuo and lived in Last Step Castle. She became an artisan painter and betrothed to a Doji, though she was afraid that the War of Silk and Steel had put an end to that. Her father was killed by bandits while doing his duty as a magistrate. [1]

Kisada's Legacy Edit

Yoritoko was met by Kisada, the Fortune of Persistence returned to Ningen-do. He told Yoritoko he had pursued and killed the bandits that murdered her father, and he was his grandfather. The Great Bear gifted her his famous helm, even though she was not a warrior. [1] Upon return Kisada told the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon of his new Dragon cousin. [2]

Using the Egg of P'an Ku Edit

Somehow Yoritoko managed to get one of the many copies of the Egg of P'an Ku which appeared during P'an Ku's madness. She used it upon Moto Naleesh, the former betrothed of her Lord Mirumoto Shikei. In turn Shikei was also copied by the Shogun Moto Taigo. [3] The couple of doppelgangers moved to the Colonies to live together. [4]


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