Kitsuki Yataku

Kitsuki Yataku

Kitsuki Yataku was a bushi and Justicar of the Dragon Clan.

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Yasu tracked down and killed a peasant in the Colonies, who had dared to wield a katana. By happenstance he found a cliff wall with a symbol of unknown origin that the Scorpion had found in multiple locations in the Colonies so far, but which did not correspond to any known Ivory Kingdoms culture. [1] There was a Gold Mine in an area which would be known as the Slave Pits of Boyoh, [2] where enslaved Zokujin worked for the gaijin. [3]

Research on Boyoh Edit

Yataku was allowed to research in the Phoenix library within the Temple District of the Second City, the largest repository of recovered lore from the now-lost Ivory Kingdoms in existence. He sought similarities between his finding with others ruined buildings from the reports of the clans' expansion into the previously unexplored territories. Boyoh was the word repeated over and over. [4]

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Kitsuki Yataku


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