Kitsuki Yasunobu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167

Kitsuki Yasunobu was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan.

Training Edit

Yasunobu trained with both the Kitsuki and the Tamori. [1]

Demeanor Edit

He was a morose, timid, and an unbearable weakling. [1]

Nemuranai Hunter Edit

Yasunobu was under the command of the gunso Nemuranai Hunter Mirumoto Kawanari. In 1167 Mirumoto Rosanjin ordered Kawanari to investigate if the Crane were hoarding some sinister artifact in their northern regions. Kawanari was accompanied by Mirumoto Binya and Yasunobu. Their travel papers shown that the purpose of their travel was to deliver a message from Rosanjin to a distant outpost near the ruins of Otosan Uchi. Yasunobu believed Rosanjin would have seen the wisdom in choosing another path. [1]

Zokujin Aid Edit

The three Dragon sought the aid of their allies the Zokujin, and Yasunobu made a ritual that summoned Ngjk. The creature smelled something strange in the surroindings and detected a hidden cache. A small stone chamber was lined with weapons and a number of large barrels, filled with ilegal gaijin pepper. Possession of gunpowder was in violation of Imperial Decree and those found with it were to be executed. [1]

Death Edit

The Dragon were seen by a group of disguised Harriers at command of Daidoji Shihei. Binya was quickly cut down, and Yasunobu wounded. The shugenja sacrificed himself to allow Kawanari to escape, hurling a ball of flame into the hollow. In doing so caused the powder to explode who killed all the Harriers but Shihei. [1]


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